Persuasive UX: The Power of Self-Image

with Chris Nodder
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Persuasive UX: The Power of Self-Image
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Marketing departments often appeal to our sense of identity—who we want to be and how we want to be seen. You see the power of self-image used in advertisements for fashionable clothes, luxury cars, and the latest technology. These ads all capitalize on the same themes: aspiration, status, and self-esteem.

Companies create desire by implying their products will make us happier and more popular, like the celebrities that promote them. And while you might not be able to hire an athlete or movie star for your next campaign, you too can tap into self-image with the right persuasive design techniques. Chris Nodder leads you through this fascinating aspect of user experience in this installment of Persuasive UX.



- Hello, I'm Chris Nodder. Welcome to Persuasive UX: The Power of Self Image. In this course, we'll focus on a set of persuasive design patterns that work by appealing to people's sense of identity. People's behavior is often governed by how they want to be seen. Buying fashionable clothes, upgrading to the latest phone, listening to the latest music. Our heroes, the people we aspire to be, are often used by marketers to sell the latest trends. Nobody wants to look bad so they'll often go to great lengths to create, improve or restore their self esteem.

There are lots of things you can do to tap into self esteem when you know the right persuasive design techniques. So, let's get started.

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