Persuasive UX: Ethics of Persuasive Design

with Chris Nodder
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Persuasive UX: Ethics of Persuasive Design
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Many companies use psychology to make us feel good about doing what they want us to do. Sound dark? It can be. But persuasive design can also be used for good. In this course, author Chris Nodder explains how you can integrate persuasive design into your products ethically and responsibly. He explores persuasive design's roots in the science of behavior, and shares some examples of effective and acceptable use. In the end, you'll have a better understanding of how to motivate and persuade your users—without misleading them.



- Hello, I'm Chris Nodder. Welcome to Persuasive UX The Ethics of Persuasive Design. In this course we'll introduce the concept of persuasive design, look at it's history, and cover the ethical implications of persuasion. Persuasive design has its roots in propaganda and marketing techniques. We'll briefly cover the background so that you can understand how persuasion evolved into a discipline in it's own right. Because there's obviously the potential for misuse of persuasive design techniques, the main focus of this course is the ethics of persuasion and the best ways to integrate persuasive design into your own products.

There are a lot of really interesting topics to cover. So let's get started.

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