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with Ray Villalobos
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Video duration: 0s 2h 10m Intermediate Updated May 25, 2012


The View Source weekly series offers 10-minute projects on intermediate and advanced web design topics, covering technologies such as HTML, PHP, jQuery, and CSS, as well as content management solutions like WordPress and integration with Twitter, YouTube, and more. Each movie in the course is self-contained and shows how to accomplish an interesting effect and/or technique. Example projects include creating datepickers and custom photo galleries, and mapping and geotagging with Google Maps.

Topics include:
  • Creating a custom URL in WordPress
  • Adding breadcrumb links to sites
  • Creating a toggle button with jQuery
  • Adding Twitter feeds to a site
  • Adding PayPal buttons to pages
  • Uploading photos to your web site
  • Embedding videos for different browsers and devices
  • Parsing and placing a YouTube video feed

020 Creating a toggle button with jQuery

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