CSS: Core Concepts

with James Williamson
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CSS: Core Concepts
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In this hands-on course, James Williamson demonstrates the concepts that form the foundation of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), including styling text, adding margins and padding, and controlling how images display. The course also explores the tools needed to work with CSS, the differences between embedded and external styles, how to use selectors to target elements, and what to do when styles conflict.

Topics include:
  • Exploring default styling
  • Writing a selector
  • Setting properties
  • Working with common units of measurement, including ems and pixels
  • Structuring HTML correctly
  • Understanding the cascade and inheritance
  • Setting a font family, font size, text color, and more
  • Understanding the box model
  • Styling container elements
  • Working with RGB vs. HSL values
  • Styling drop shadows


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm James Williamson, Senior Author at Lynda.com, and I want to welcome you to CSS Core Concepts. If you're brand-new to CSS or feel like maybe you've missed some of the important concepts along the way, then this course is for you. I've designed it to teach the basic core concept of CSS that authors will need before moving on to more specific projects. We'll start by focusing on the basics of CSS, such as syntax, learning how to set properties, and exploring the relationship between style sheets and HTML.

From there, we'll turn our attention to properly targeting page content, how to properly prevent and resolve conflicts between styles, controlling basic site topography, mastering the box model, and how to properly define color. So, grab a refreshing beverage, fire up your favorite code editor, and let's get started.

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