JavaScript Templating

with Joe Marini
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JavaScript Templating
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JavaScript templates take simple web apps to the next level, keeping your application logic separate from your presentation and your HTML and JS files clean. This course provides a look at popular JavaScript template solutions for modern web apps that consume and display data. Joe Marini reviews four popular templating libraries: JQuery Template, a simple solution that plugs straight into jQuery; Handlebars and Mustache, which provide greater flexibility; and Dust, the templating engine for more complex scenarios.

Topics include:
  • What is templating?
  • Defining templates in jQuery Template
  • Using simple Mustache templates with sections and conditions
  • Adding conditionals and loops to Handlebars templates
  • Working with Dust templates
JavaScript Mustache.js Handlebars.js Dust.js


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joe Marini, and I'd like to welcome you to Up and Running with JavaScript Templating. In this course, we're going to look at several different template solutions for building modern web apps that consume and display data. We'll start by learning about what templating is, and how it is used in some of today's popular web applications. We'll see how JQuery templates provide an easy solution for simple data displaying needs. Next, we'll see how Mustache and Handlebars provide increased flexibility for more complex templating scenarios, and finally we'll wrap up with Dust.

A powerful templating engine that addresses some of the more complex template solutions you're likely to face. JavaScript template engines make working with data a breeze. Let's find out how in Up and Running with JavaScript Templating.

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