Typography for Web Designers

with Laura Franz
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Typography for Web Designers
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Learn how to choose fonts for a web site and create beautiful, legible type. Author Laura Franz shares how to create designs that maximize readability (and keep visitors on the page) by paying attention to details in size, line-height, line length, alignment, color, vertical space, and more. Laura also demonstrates how to incorporate web fonts, style type with CSS, and pick fonts that work well together.

Topics include:
  • Understanding how good typography promotes reading
  • Choosing web-safe fonts
  • Applying web fonts in CSS with @font-face
  • Adding and applying the Google Fonts syntax
  • Finding and applying a good font size, line height, and line length
  • Improving a color palette by improving contrast and reducing optical vibration
  • Understanding how people mentally organize, or chunk, visual elements
  • Applying a system of hierarchy in HTML and CSS
  • Applying vertical spacing in CSS
  • Adding emphasis within a heading
  • Understanding classic and modernist typographic pages
  • Adding a list of links
  • Creating drop caps
  • Fixing quotation marks, apostrophes, and dashes


- Hi. I'm Laura Franz, and welcome to Typography for Web Designers. In this course, I'll show you how to choose and use fonts for headlines and text, including what to look for when choosing two fonts to work together. We'll explore how to incorporate web fonts into a page, including using the @font-face syntax to link to fonts on your server, and how to use the fonts available at Google.com web fonts. I'll cover the basics of setting text for maximum readability.

We'll look at font size, line height, line length, and chunking text with hierarchy and spacing. We'll also look at some of the differences between traditional and modernist page designs, and how contemporary designers use elements of both in their work. Finally, I'll show you the details typographers pay attention to: hanging punctuation, curly quotes, and special characters. We'll even look at creating final touches that require special care, like drop caps.

So let's get started with Typography for Web Designers.

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