Welcome to Hot Studio

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Welcome to Hot Studio

Maria Giudice: Welcome to Hot Studio. We are at 585 Howard Street in downtown San Francisco. We have the ground floor, we have the neon sign, we have 11,000 square feet, let's go. Well, Hot Studio, I think, is a fun place to work. At least, I know I am having fun when I come to work everyday. Michael Polivka: We have got a lot of professionals that have been in the industry for a long time. We have got a really broad spectrum of different types of people and personalities and a really strong leadership group, holding it all together. Maria Giudice: A lot of people who work here are artists and they do other things besides graphic design. So we have art from people who work here and then we have some visiting artists as well.

We call this sort of the running track. Actually kids really love this route because we have-- you'll see in the space that there are these giant balls, so they become an automatic bocce ball runway for kids. Rajan Dev: We work with Fortune 1000 firms, we work with community organizations and we work with startups and help launch businesses. Henrik Olsen: Our tag line is making the complex beautifully clear. Renee Anderson: We take great pride when talking, thinking about the user holistically from all these different aspects and different directions and creating this incredible product from all those different components.

Maria Giudice: These are some collaboration rooms where we lock our employees in, when they really need to focus. This space is open and we believe in an open environment. It's very important that people can actually go into these rooms either concentrate or bring others into these rooms. Katrina Alcorn: There are companies that are thinkers and they come up with big ideas and then that's where they drop off and then there are companies that are doers and you tell them what to do and they run with it and we do both. So we come up with the big ideas and we execute on them. Maria Giudice: There are so many things that inspire us. So this is a really great opportunity to kind of leave all the other spaces, come here and just focus or sketch or think in a very different environment.

Michael Polivka: We at Hot Studio are clearly known for our user-centered designs and giving folks who use our web sites really amazing experiences. Maria Giudice: This is where I sit for a majority of the time, although you will rarely see me sitting here. We are situated smack in the center of Hot Studio. It allows people to come and talk to us at any time. We are incredibly accessible. We see in here everything. If there is something going on in a collaboration room that we want to know about, we can just walk up and participate.

It is an environment that I believe is really friendly. People come here with great attitudes and when they come they work hard, but we also have a lot of fun together as well.

Welcome to Hot Studio
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Welcome to Hot Studio provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Maria Giudice as part of the Creative Inspirations: Hot Studio, Experience Design

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