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Trigger Today

(Music playing) Anthony Palacios: Trigger is a new media shop that specializes in the entertainment realm of advertising. We create experiences, not just websites, not just games but entire campaigns that people can really dive into and really get a sense of what it is our clients are trying to sell or what they're trying to advertise.

It's about getting people engaged in what we create. Perry Wang: Really we're a collection of people who love the projects or people who love, especially, movies. And if you look at our track record the last couple of years, like almost every alien type of movie or superhero or something like that, we have been able to get involved with it to some degree. Vivd Savitri: You can really see the difference when, and I can really feel it in my team when they are genuinely passionate, or like they really care about the characters in the game, or like the game itself, or the movie itself.

The work comes out so much different. I don't know how to draw the enthusiasm, like trying, "Hey, you know what? This logo is so cool!" "Yeah, okay," you know? Judd Kim: We have had a chance to do a lot more integration of some of these motion graphic and animation pieces into a lot of the larger side campaigns that we are doing. So it's not necessarily a new thing, but the development, or the amount of the work that's actually going into it, now that, you know, sites are able to be a little bit larger, a little bit more involved, people have faster computers, faster connections, we're able to put more information, more data in there, which, in my case, means more video.

And we're able to do some more elaborate pieces that help set up some story. If it's a theatrical website or if it's a product site, set up some more demonstrations and so forth. It just allows us to get a lot more cool stuff in there. Anthony Palacios: We have a broad range of clients here, not just entertainment but non-entertainment as well. I think our sweet spot is definitely entertainment and I think that's what makes our non-entertainment clients come to us is our background in entertainment.

Because they know that we can engage the user, that we know how to make fun stuff, we know how to make cool stuff that people will actually kind of gravitate towards. And that's the kind of content that they want for their site or for their marketing needs. Jason Yim: They're both looking for the same thing. They both need agencies that can basically break through the marketing noise. We have one pharma project with a company called Watson Pharmaceutical, right now, where they want us to create a game.

So we would use the same thinking that we would use on the entertainment side. We'd try to find the target audience, which is like, this is, in this case, it's women 35 and above. We are looking at the type of game play out there that makes sense for that age group. So it does seem strange to go from an entertainment project to pharmaceutical marketing just because, I mean, they are polar opposites. On the entertainment side, it's a super broad audience and you are trying to get as many people and there's almost no rules about what you're doing.

You are just trying to create an entertaining experience. On the pharma side, it's really structured and they look at something on the entertainment side and say - and go, "We want that, but can you dilute it down to "something that will get past our lawyers?" basically. Loc Le: My job is to make fantasy reality, I would say. We are a creative agency, but one of the things that we've always done is to not only be creative but to be able to face the challenges that come as a result of being creative.

In order to be ahead of the pack, you have to be able to execute as well as design. And so, we have a very good blending of technology and creative here at Trigger.

Trigger Today
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Trigger Today provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Jason Yim as part of the Creative Inspirations: Trigger, Interactive Design Studio

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