Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 years of Web Design and Community

with Jeffrey Zeldman
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Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 years of Web Design and Community
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Who is Jeffrey Zeldman? The "Miles Davis of web design"? "Godfather of the web"? Or simply "your friend on the Internet"? For people who make websites, Zeldman is all of these and more. He's been a guiding voice in web design since the earliest days of the Internet, leading the charge in the fight for web standards. He's an educator whose businesses—A List Apart, An Event Apart, and A Book Apart—are extensions of his basic instinct to share his best ideas. He's also a staunch believer in the importance of community and has created an environment that other designers look forward to participating in. This film is an intimate portrait of a man who has helped shape the web but isn't recognized by most of the people who use it everyday. Learn how he evolved his influential mailing list, how he convinced Netscape and Internet Explorer to support HTML and CSS, and what he's doing to pass the torch to the next generation.



(synthesized music) - Jeffrey Zeldman is, in a lot of ways, the voice of our field. - He's been a leader in web design for a long time. - He's the reason I became a web designer. - It was like I had a friend who knew about web design and the internet, and was telling me all these things that you couldn't find anywhere else. - He was one of the first ones to be like, no, let's take this somewhat seriously and, you know, try and do something with it. - He knows how to engage an audience.

He knows how to speak to developers and designers and whoever else we are. - He takes all of these concepts that are from all over the place and he's able to put them together and make everyone say, "Ah, that's what it is." - He approaches it with both a seriousness and a good humor and perspective that is rare. - I've always been impressed by his desire to give to the community and I've tried to take that same attitude. - He's a good friend to everybody who works in this industry whether they know him personally, or not.

He's their friend. (acoustic guitar music)

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