Building an Online Shopping Cart (2006)

with Lawrence Cramer
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Building an Online Shopping Cart (2006)
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By 2007, 77% of internet users over the age of 13 -- about 131.3 million people -- will shop online. In these tutorials, instructor Lawrence Cramer helps give business owners the tools to harness this market effectively. Using an in-depth case study and other varied examples, Lawrence demonstrates how to seamlessly create and incorporate a shopping cart and back end to support online customers. Building an Online Shopping Cart covers everything from the general concepts of e-commerce to the nitty-gritty of setting up and customizing credit card and order processing features. The training also covers security, customer privacy, building a store, and developing and integrating customer service and policies.

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Hi, I'm Lawrence Cramer and I am a Web Developer and CEO of Application Dynamics and founder of I've been involved in e-commerce for about six years now, and in that time I have seen the idea of shopping online really go mainstream and take off. At the same time, the demand for web developers that can help their clients sell online has literally exploded. So often what happens is a client will come to a web developer and say, "Can you help me to sell my stuff online?" And the web designer says, "Sure", and that's when the panic sets in. So not only now you are expected to design the website, you are also expected to be an authority on a lot of things that have nothing to do with web design but everything to do with e-commerce, such as merchant accounts, payment gateways, SSLs and online security.

So whether you're a web designer looking to start doing e-commerce sites or someone who wants to just start selling things online, this title is for you. We will cover a wide range of subjects that you'll need to know in order to develop an e-commerce site. We will also show you how to implement shopping cart functionality into your website using Cartweaver, one of the more popular shopping cart applications for Dreamweaver. For about the first half of the title, we'll cover all the elements that surround developing e-commerce site such as merchant accounts, payment gateways, payment processors, SSL Certificates and web security.

Next we'll talk about the elements of actual dynamic web development. That's databases and application server languages. There is not going to be a lot of point and click through this part of the presentation. It's mostly presentational, but it's important information that you need to know. Finally, we will go into the nuts and bolts of actually applying shopping cart application to your website. Although we'll be using ColdFusion and Cartweaver, the methods and principles we are going to cover will apply to most any of the languages or applications you may choose. Let's just dive right in and get started.

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