Web ReDesign: Strategies for Success

with Kelly Goto
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Web ReDesign: Strategies for Success
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Today's web landscape is quickly changing, and web companies, in-house teams, designers, and developers are racing to keep up. Web ReDesign: Strategies for Success teaches the techniques and tools to help move teams in the right direction, whether they need to do a complete redesign or just need to supplement an ongoing strategy. Instructor Kelly Goto develops strategy based on an iterative approach, focusing on branding and audience, usability testing, and content development. The training teaches how to plan effectively, reach target audiences, and take current web design and development knowledge to the next level. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.



Hi! I am Kelly Goto. I am the Principal of the design and research firm called Gotomedia that specializes in creating people-friendly experiences online. Today we are going to go through the web redesign process. But the material actually covers a lot more. In the following chapters, we will go through the nuances of branding and client management, user experiences and the importance of iterative design cycles. This title is based on the book, Web Redesign 2.0. However much of the material covered in these chapters is what we've learned since the book was originally published.

The web is changing quickly and we have needed to modify our approach and refine our methodologies to keep up. And we want to share this information with you. So before we get into the details, let's start with how to use this title which is what the next movie is all about.

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