Creative Inspirations: Big Spaceship, Digital Creative Agency

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Creative Inspirations: Big Spaceship, Digital Creative Agency
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Take a ride in the Big Spaceship with this intimate look at the inner workings of one of the web's most innovative firms. Since its founding in 2000, Big Spaceship has set about redefining what it means to be a digital agency—and has won countless awards in the process. True to its mission, Big Spaceship ensures that every aspect of the company reflects a fresh way of working, from the layout of office space to how clients are engaged. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers inside the minds and methods behind this extraordinary company. Learn more about Big Spaceship by going to their website at Big Spaceship. To view examples of Big Spaceship's work visit Nike Air, Hungry Suitcase, HBO, Adobe and the Corona Beach.



(lively music) - You know I think everybody here has a tremendous desire to experience culture and art. I won't say that like, we have a foosball table and guitar hero tournaments because of our brain storming process or anything like that but they're certainly inter-related in some way or another. - People don't really believe me when I tell them what my job is because a big part of it is just playing and watching stuff on the internet. - The designers are working on visual explorations the developers have that time to work on functionality explorations.

- We're trying something new in every single case. For every single product we do. It's never been done before. - If you want to innovate, if you want to differentiate, you have to take risks. - Without an experiment, somebody might not believe that we could do that. - We're just incredibly open to anything that might be said by anybody. - Most of the actors, we just grab people from their chairs and dress them up in coats and what not and call them doctors. - Sometimes there's, you know, there's just too many details.

- You can't limit people to watch something four minutes long that goes from here to here. You have to let them go to any point in it and see it however they want. (lively music)

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