Wacom Essential Training

with John Derry
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Wacom Essential Training
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Wacom tablets are a popular alternative to the mouse for painting, drawing, and navigating your computer in a more natural position. In this course, artist and teacher John Derry shows how to get up and running with a variety of Wacom tablets (Intuos, Cintiq, and more), covering everything from setup to stylus selection. He then shows how to speed up your workflow and enhance your command of the drawing surface with ExpressKeys, the Touch Ring, and other controls. Plus, learn about tablet ergonomics—which makes your Wacom even more compatible with your working conditions—and follow a few exercises to warm up your drawing arm.

Topics include:
  • Drawing freehand
  • Tracing existing images
  • Determining the correct tablet size for your work
  • Understanding relative vs. absolute positioning
  • Working with control surfaces like the Touch Ring and control keys
  • Selecting the right stylus
  • Working with the Bamboo, Intuos, Cintiq, and Inkling
3D + Animation Design Photography


- "Wa" is Japanese for harmony. And "com" is short for communication. So Wacom stands for harmonious communication. A little mnemonic to remember this is, especially if you're a dog owner, what do you do with your dog everyday? You Wacom. Hi, I'm John Derry, and welcome to Wacom Essential Training. In the world of digital art and design, Wacom pressure sensitive pen tablets and displays are considered to be the gold standard.

For more than 25 years, Wacom has provided the creative community with technology that faithfully captures the artist's expressive gestures and transform them into a visual form that can be shared with others. With the ability to sense all of an artist's wrist, hand, and arm motions, Wacom pens become the means through which an artist, from beginner to professional, can express ones inner feelings and emotions. In this course, the models we're using are the Intuos 5 and the Cintiq 24HD Touch.

But many of the techniques that we show on these can be transferred to the other Wacom tablets. I'll be using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, and Corel Painter to demonstrate how these tablets work. We'll discuss which tablet is best for your creations, show you how to set up your tablet and pen for optimal use, as well as instruct you through some eye hand coordination exercises to help you improve your skill level. Now, let's get started with Wacom Essential Training.

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