Building a Windows Store Game Using HTML and JavaScript

with David Isbitski
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Building a Windows Store Game Using HTML and JavaScript
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Write your first Windows Store app with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. In this course, author David Isbitski shows how to use these technologies to build a game engine that runs on Microsoft devices and desktops. First, learn about the Microsoft web stack and the capabilities offered in HTML5—the foundation of your app. The course then covers each step of the build in detail, from designing the game interface and setting up a game loop to adding support for multiple screen sizes and touch interaction, incorporating music and sound effects, and accessing data from the camera and accelerometer. Along the way, discover how to personalize the look of your game with CSS3.

Topics include:
  • Setting up your Visual Studio 2012 development environment
  • Using JavaScript with WinJS
  • Laying out the interface with Canvas
  • Creating a game loop
  • Adding a menu
  • Supporting snapped, filled, and full-screen modes
  • Working with the Touch API
  • Playing music
  • Creating a scoring and leveling system
  • Working with the Application Bar
  • Accessing the camera and accelerometer
  • Debugging and deploying your application
Developer Web
Windows Visual Studio Express


- Hi, this is David Isbitski and welcome to Building a Windows Store Game Using HTML and JavaScript. I'll show you how to get set up with Microsoft's free development tool Visual Studio 2012 Express. I'll create and debug a Windows store app, test against numerous screen sizes using the built in simulator, and show you how to deploy your app to the Windows store or locally for testing. I'll show you how to create a game I call Balloons by introducing Windows store development topics that will equip you with the skills you need to be successful. I'll show you how to implement a game loop in JavaScript, render our game using hardware Accelerated Canvas and include WinJS controls like the view box, application bar and fly out control.

So grab some coffee, pull up your gaming chair and let's have some fun.

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