Up and Running with Online Social Video

with Jason Osder
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Up and Running with Online Social Video
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Millions of people use it every month to watch and share videos online, but YouTube isn't the only game in town. What are the strengths of YouTube compared to Vimeo and other platforms, and how do you get started with online video in the first place? Jason Osder answers these questions and more, as he explores the fundamental concepts of online video services and options that will impact your decision when choosing the service that is right for you.

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Topics include:
  • Understanding what an online video service does
  • Understanding "social video"
  • Sharing and embedding videos
  • Comparing technology
  • Choosing an online video platform to meet your needs
  • Finding additional resources
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jason Osder, and welcome to Up and Running with Online Social Video. In this course, we'll look at getting started with sharing videos online. I'll start by showing you how to understand the fundamentals of posting video online using YouTube, the biggest player in this space. Then, I'll show you how to explore other online video options to choose the best solution for you. We'll see how to compare the attributes of different platforms using a pro/con approach to help you decide. We'll be covering the fundamentals, guiding you to plenty of other tools and techniques that you can learn about in other courses on Lynda.com.

Now, let's get started with Up and Running with Online Social Video.

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