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The Power of PreViz Using Video
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In this installment of The Power of PreViz, Dane Howard explores video as a tool for telling a story about where your projects are going. By making concepts a reality early in the process, video can be used to identify key creative opportunities as well as potential trouble spots. Earlier he followed creative professionals at BMW and One & Co; here he investigates the process at Sandwich Video, and how previsualization helps founder Adam Lisagor make his incredible short films for innovative companies like eBay.

This course was created and produced by Dane Howard and Richard Koci Hernandez. We're honored to host this content in our library.


Introduction to the PreViz project

(techno music) - So I'm here to talk to you a little bit about momentum making. Momentum making for your projects and how video can be used as a great story-telling tool. Up front. So you can tell the story about where your projects are going. I've learned so much about pre-visualization over the last couple years, and I'm excited to just tell you about some of the things that I've learned on the projects that I've done as well. Some of the most influential people I know inside of business, inside of creative organizations are great story tellers.

And as I researched this more and more, I started to find some similarities in the things that they did already really well. Now think about three circles. At the top, is the powerful circle. How can you become more powerful? In your influence. That's the second circle. How can you become more influential? And the third, stories are very persuasive devices. Now think of these all intersecting together, and think about always constantly improving, and pushing yourself to becoming more powerful, influential and persuasive in the mediums and then in the creative you create.

Well, I bumped into someone and I absolutely fell in love with their work. And I realized this person was working extraordinarily well, and I wanted to know why their clients loved them. So I reached out to Adam Lisagor at Sandwich Video. And I started to see some of the projects he was doing. He has this quality in the short films that he was doing for other companies. So I asked him a little bit about his background and some of the things and how he got started to becoming his own film-maker and owner of one of his own companies.

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