Managing a Video Production with an iPad

with Nick Brazzi
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Managing a Video Production with an iPad
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Video shoots require a lot of organization. Whether you're the director for a large crew, a solo shooter, or something in between, you need to develop a solid workflow for planning a shoot and keeping it on track. The portability and versatility of the iPad is helpful in any of these scenarios, keeping your footprint light and your budget even lighter.

With a handful of inexpensive apps and services that work with the iPad, you can create a very effective production toolkit. This course reveals the workflow that author and content producer Nick Brazzi uses to plan and run shoots for low-budget productions and "no-budget" web series using iPad apps, cloud-based services, and optional desktop software. Find out how Google Drive, Dropbox, and specialty apps like Shot Lister, MovieSlate, Teleprompt+, and Easy Release can help you run a tighter ship and bring your production in on schedule and under budget.

Topics include:
  • Setting up file storage and organization with Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Dividing the script into scene and shot numbers
  • Creating shot lists and a shoot-day schedule
  • Creating call sheets to organize the cast and crew
  • Using a physical slate or a slate app
  • Using an iPad as a teleprompter
  • Logging shots
  • Compiling shot lists for editing
  • Collecting signed model release forms with Easy Release


- Hi, welcome to Managing a Video Production with an iPad. I'm Nick Brazzi. This course is all about developing a workflow for planning, scheduling, and managing a live action video shoot using iPad apps. The goal is to achieve a partially, or completely paper free workflow for managing the logistics of a video production. We'll start by analyzing two different types of scripts. A narrative script and a promo script. To identify scene numbers and shot numbers for the entire script.

Next, we'll use an app called Shot Lister to develop a detailed shot list, which we'll use on set to make sure every shot that we need is collected during the video shoot. We'll create a detailed schedule and a set of cast and crew call sheets using information from the shot list to make sure that our shoot runs on time. I'll take a look at using the iPad as a teleprompter using the app Teleprompt+ allowing us to be more efficient with the amount of equipment we're carrying. Not to mention keeping equipment costs down.

We'll use the movie slate app, not only as a slate to mark our shots on camera, but also as a detailed shot logging tool to send notes and metadata to the editor. Finally, we'll talk about an app called Easy Release, which is a great tool for collecting signed, model, and property releases and managing them on your iPad. Developing a workflow for managing your video production is a very personal process. It depends on the size and style of your shoot, and the preferences of you and your director.

This course will not dictate a specific workflow. Instead, I'll be introducing you to some valuable iPad apps, which make the entire process much easier. I'll give you some insights into the workflow that I use for my productions, but there's plenty of opportunity for you to come to your own conclusions, and develop your own processes. I hope you're ready to dive in. Let's get started with Managing a Video Production with and iPad.

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