The Creative Spark: Alberto Scirocco and the Motion Graphics of leftchannel

with Alberto Scirocco
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The Creative Spark: Alberto Scirocco and the Motion Graphics of leftchannel
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How do you become a better motion graphics designer? Alberto Scirocco advises his students to paint, to sculpt, to dance—to explore a different aspect of their creativity and bring those lessons back to their designs. This is also the methodology behind his firm, leftchannel, and its high-profile motion-based projects for clients like Nike. In this episode of The Creative Spark, Alberto describes his journey from an architectural student in Italy to the head of a multidisciplinary design studio in Columbus, Ohio. From this unlikely location, leftchannel has been producing award-winning projects that combine illustration, 3D modeling, 2D compositing, animation, and augmented reality work.



- [Voiceover] If you look at the work we do as a studio, the common element is the fact that we're always wanting to just get exposed to a lot of different things and try different techniques. (techno music) We're able to create a studio that allows us to be in this constant, fluid place where we're constantly trying new things. What we're really trying to accomplish with the piece was really trying to balance out 3D cameras with complex character animation. In many ways the social aspect of design and especially of a studio, is one of the things that drives my passion the most.

A lot of our work is stuff that we've done for ourselves. So that means work where we are the client and it's exactly the way we want it to be. Our love for the work is always been love for the most interesting work out there. That's what we strive to do. There's just so many ways that you can do this kind of work, and so why not jump on that and explore it.

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