The Creative Spark: Michael Langan, Experimental Filmmaker

with Michael Langan
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The Creative Spark: Michael Langan, Experimental Filmmaker
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Michael Langan makes short films that blend animation and live action, inspired by motion picture pioneers like Eadweard Muybridge and Norman McLaren, but they're nothing like you've ever seen. It's his uncompromising vision that has companies like Pepsi and Samsung soliciting him for commercials—giving him creative control that other directors can only dream about. Langan's newest passion, screenwriting for feature-length films, lets him bring the things he loves about experimental shorts to a wider audience. In this Creative Spark, we profile Michael as he looks back on the evolution of his style, and reflects on his future in film.

Watch the bonus feature for a full-length version of Choros, Langan's 2011 collaboration with dancer Terah Maher.



Male 1: Everything in your life influences the stuff that you're making, as an artist. There are obvious similarities between the all the films that I worked on, but I'm not interested in sticking to one thing, and the ideas kind of naturally lead in new directions. There's that expression that there's nothing new under the sun. And that pretty much applies to everything, especially when you're working with a technique that is evolving over time. So we start out with just one of these women. She steps out of herself, and pretty soon we've got more and more and more, and by the end of it we've got about a hundred layers of Terra stacked up on top of herself.

I'm really excited about this new direction. Your brain just feels so good when it's churning out these ideas and making these connections. The whole thing is there in your head. And it's just a matter of getting it out there so that other people can see it, too.

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