Sony Vegas Pro Essential Training

with Steve Grisetti
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Sony Vegas Pro Essential Training
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Learning to edit video professionally or to cut your own projects together? Get to know Sony Vegas Pro. In these tutorials, film and television industry veteran Steve Grisetti walks you through the entire Vegas workflow. Learn to import media from a variety of locations; edit clips in the Timeline; edit and enhance audio, including voice-over narration; and add effects to enhance the color, mood, and drama of your movie. You'll also find out how to add titles, apply transitions between scenes, chroma key, add animations such as pans and scrolls, and crop footage for maximum impact.

Topics include:
  • Setting up a new Vegas project
  • Importing video from a camera
  • Managing files in the Project Media panel
  • Pre-applying stabilization
  • Adding and trimming events on the Timeline
  • Editing a multicamera scene
  • Adding fade-ins, fade-outs, and cross-fade transitions
  • Editing audio
  • Using the Chroma Keyer effect
  • Adding a rolling or scrolling title
  • Creating animated effects
  • Outputting your final video
Vegas Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Steve Grisetti and welcome to Sony Vegas Pro essential training. In this course we'll take a deep look at this program from the basics of setting up a project and adding media to outputting your finished piece. I'll start by showing you how to open a project and how to get your video files from your camcorder or other recording device to your computer. We'll also look at how to add video and audio effects and we'll focus on effects like color correction and chroma key and we'll look at how to customize these effects for your specific needs and I'll show you how to use the pan and crop motion tool to create motion paths over your photos.

I'll also show you how to add and customize transitions, titles, and how to created animated special effects to really make your videos look great. Then finally, I'll show you how to output your video and how to optimize your output for whatever device or platform you're distributing your video to. We'll be covering all of these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques, and now let's get started with Sony Vegas Pro essential training.

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