Trapcode Particular Essential Training

with Chad Perkins
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Trapcode Particular Essential Training
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In this course, veteran author and animator Chad Perkins explores Trapcode Particular, an industry-standard third-party Adobe After Effects plugin for generating particle effects. After exploring the menu structure, basic operations, and some key tips and tricks, the course tackles a series of short projects that represent the kinds of design and animation tasks that motion graphics or VFX artists can create, such as camera flashes, smoke, sparks, or even a flock of birds.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Particular paradigm
  • Working with different emitter types
  • Understanding the curve-drawing interface
  • Animating the emitter's position
  • Adjusting the particles' life span
  • Using custom particles
  • Using Particular's auxiliary particles
  • Integrating the After Effects lights and cameras
  • Using a motion path
  • Working with gravity and wind
  • Using movies as particles
After Effects Particular


- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Trapcode Particular essential training. On behalf of, my name is Chad Perkins. That's what I look like right there, and I'll be your humble host and author throughout this training series. Trapcode Particular is one of the best and most popular After Effects plug-ins available today, as well it should be. It renders so fast and looks so beautiful and has so many amazing features, it really is one of the most versatile tools in the After Effects arsenal.

Now Particular can be a tough cookie to master. When you first apply it, it doesn't look all that amazing. But have no fear, my friends. Throughout The course of this training series, we are going to make Particular jump up and dance. We're gonna start with an introductory project just to get you comfortable with Particular, and we're going to be creating some fog that we will use as an alpha mat for some animated text. We'll then back up a little bit and just learn about Particular.

We'll start with all the basics and we'll get into more advanced features like gravity and HDR particles. We'll create some cool fireworks as we explain the curve drawing interface inside Particular. We'll create some cool 3-D objects with auxiliary particles. We'll show you how to get particles to bounce off of and stick to other layers in your scene. We'll show you how to create cool stop time effects like in the Matrix. We'll also take full advantage of the fact that Particular is a 3-D effect, so we'll create some camera moves and have the particles fly around there.

We'll do some lesser-known tricks such as using an illustrator shape as a motion path, as well as how to do some sky writing. And finally, towards the end of the training series, we just have a series of real-world projects so we can see Particular in action. We're gonna visit the land of Skyrim and make some snow. Wel re-create common effects such as a flock of birds and streaks of light popularized in an iPod commercial a while back. We'll also look at some variations of that. We'll also create our own custom camera flashes and apply those to a scene.

We'll simulate a campfire in a regular old shot by adding some smoke and adding some embers using Particular. I'll show you how to use your own custom particles. We'll make some welding sparks; and finally, we'll show you how to make a layer dissolve into particles. All that and much, much more coming up in this training series. I'm so excited, let's jump in and get started.

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