3D Printing Project: Designing a Replacement Part

with Kacie Hultgren
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3D Printing Project: Designing a Replacement Part
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Creating replacement parts for household appliances and furniture (like a broken oven knob or draw pull) is a great use of desktop 3D printers. In this short project course, author Kacie Hultgren takes us through the four steps needed to design and ultimately print a replacement part with your 3D printer: sketching your ideas on paper, translating notes into a digital design with a CAD program, testing the print, and then revising and improving on your model. Start now and learn to create replacement parts that are almost as good as the original.

Topics include:
  • Measuring with calipers
  • Modeling in 3D with Tinkercad
  • Creating holes and complex shapes
  • Plating and printing
  • Optimizing and reworking the design
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(upbeat music) - Hi, I'm Kacie Hultgren and welcome to 3D Printing Projects Creating a Replacement Part. Creating and customizing replacement parts are a great use of a desktop 3D printer. We'll be covering four main steps to a finished project. First, how to think about objects in three dimensions. How to measure, sketch and record a part on paper.

Then we'll translate those notes into a 3D part in a free online CAD program called Tinkercad. Then it's time to iterate. We'll print our design and look for ways to improve it, both by optimizing it for the process of 3D printing and adding your own personal flair. When you're finished, you'll not only have a 3D printed replacement part, you'll also have a design process that you can apply to future projects. So let's get started.

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