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Terri Wagner

Terri Wagner Terri Wagner is a PMP and certified Scrum Master. She leads multimillion-dollar project portfolios for her clients.

Terri Wagner has managed multimillion dollar project management office portfolios for domestic and international consulting clients. She has provided the capital planning and earned value management efforts for a program over $130 million dollars. Terri has also led teams of project managers, business analysts, process specialists, operational groups, and trainers in the planning, design, development, and deployment of system and operational enhancements, as well as client-based initiatives. She has been awarded honors for being a creative thinker with the ability to successfully apply technology for the advancement of internal and external operational efficiencies and quality. She has taught project management, project leadership simulations, portfolio management, program management, business leadership, quality management, business acumen, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, team problem solving, and other topics to state agencies, governmental entities, corporate clients, and at the graduate level in the university system. Terri has delivered training, consulting, and project management in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe while continuing to both run projects and consult with organizations on project management methodologies and strategies.

Terri is owner/managing member of Mentor Source, Inc., a Colorado-based project management consulting and training company. She is a certified Project Management Professional and certified Scrum Master. Visit her website at
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  • view course page for Developing Project Requirements

  • view course page for Managing Project Stakeholders

    Learn how to manage stakeholders with savvy communication strategies that increase engagement in the final project.

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  • view course page for Preventing Scope Creep

    Discover smart strategies to keep your projects from getting derailed by additional work not in the project plan.

    1h 9m
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