Up and Running with Symfony2 for PHP

with Jon Peck
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Up and Running with Symfony2 for PHP
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Build PHP applications the modern way with Symfony2, a popular PHP MVC framework. In this course, Jon Peck shows you how to install and configure Symfony and start saving time with typical development tasks, such as directing traffic, creating persistent models, and rendering content with templates. He'll also show you how to define and validate forms and debug your applications. Don't reinvent the wheel; start learning how to use Symfony to get a head start on your PHP projects.

Topics include:
  • Installing Symfony
  • Creating a bundle from the console
  • Customizing and generating database tables
  • Generating controllers
  • Creating, editing, and debugging entities
  • Displaying and debugging a form
  • Rendering content with templates
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jon Peck and welcome to Up and Running with Symfony2. In this course, we'll look at Symfony, an open source PHP framework for web development. I'll start by describing what Symfony is and why it's useful, then demonstrate how to install and configure the framework. We'll direct traffic through the application, create models that persist in the database, render content with templates and explore how to create and validate forms. Finally, we'll discover ways to debug the application and work with the console tools. Throughout the course, we'll create a magazine catalog web application for managing a collection of back issues.

We'll cover all these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques that a modern developer can use to quickly build PHP applications without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. Now, let's get up and running with Symfony2.

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