Up and Running with Sublime Text 2

with Kevin Yank
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Up and Running with Sublime Text 2
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Sublime Text 2 is a cross-platform text and code editor for OS X, Windows, and Linux with many innovative features and a thriving ecosystem of add-on packages. This course reveals some of the basic, not-so-basic, and downright hidden features of the editor, and shows you how to become a more productive developer. Author Kevin Yank shows how to write and edit basic code, tweak the editing configuration to your preference, and automate code creation with macros and snippets. He also surveys a dozen of the best add-on packages for Sublime Text, which speed up some of the more tedious programming tasks.

Topics include:
  • Opening, viewing, and editing files
  • Adding custom themes and color schemes
  • Performing different types of find and replace operations
  • Editing multiple lines simultaneously
  • Automating tasks with macros and snippets
  • Working with add-ons like Package Control, Line Endings, and Hyperlink Helper
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Welcome to up and Running with Sublime Text 2. I'm Kevin Yank, and I'll be your instructor for this course. Whether you're a web developer or a professional blogger, or you cut code of another kind, you need a powerful text editor, and my text editor choice these days is Sublime Text 2. With this course, I'll give you an easy way into this powerful tool that admittedly can be a little tough to learn. We'll start with the basics, opening and closing and switching between files, then I'll show you the basic editing features before we spend some time customizing this editor and making it look and feel just the way you like.

After that, we'll dive into the Power Editing features, things like multiple selection that can really change the way you work. We'll look at ways of Automating Repetitive Tasks. Finally, we'll explore the world of packages, this ecosystem of plug-ins, that lets you snap together exactly the features you need to build your ideal editor. Well, let's get started.

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