Up and Running with Studio One

with Josh Harris
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Up and Running with Studio One
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Start making music with the powerful, intuitive controls in Studio One and these lessons from producer and remixer Josh Harris. Josh begins with a tour of Studio One's Start Page, the creative hub of the program, where you set up your artist profile and audio devices. He then shows you how to set up and start recording a new song, including punching in and using track layers. The course then moves into editing audio and MIDI, where Josh explains the most important of the editing functions: comping, trimming and time stretching audio, quantizing MIDI, and editing MIDI velocities. He also covers mixing with effects and chains, showing how to speed up the process with presets and automation, and explores Studio One's unique feature set used to master your recordings. The course wraps with tips to connect with your audience and share your music with the world, including publishing to SoundCloud, promoting songs on the Nimbit Store, and using PreSonus Exchange.

Topics include:
  • What is Studio One?
  • Creating a new song
  • Setting up your artist profile
  • Adding instruments, loops, and effects
  • Recording your tracks
  • Editing MIDI
  • Tuning audio with Melodyne
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Distributing your music
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Studio One


Hi, I'm Josh Harris, and welcome to Up and Running with Studio One. In this course, I will show you how to set up and create a new song from an empty session. Next, I will record live guitars and create a composite take from multiple takes recorded to a single track. Then, I will tune a lead vocal using Studio One's integrated version of Melodyne, and then I will export a final mix of a song, and prepare it for mastering. I will take you through the mastering process by creating a new project in the project page.

And finally, I will show you how to publish and upload your finished work to SoundCloud and Nimbit directly from the song page and project page. So if you're ready, let's get up and running with Studio One.

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