Up and Running with Adobe Story

with Jeff Sengstack
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Up and Running with Adobe Story
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Join Jeff Sengstack for an introduction to the screenwriting and production planning application Adobe Story. This course details each of Story's three main functions—scriptwriting, collaborative editing, and production organizing—as well as how to connect script text to spoken dialogue in Premiere Pro. Explore how to create and use script templates, manage editing from coauthors using track changes, arrange shooting schedules, and more.

Topics include:
  • Explaining the Story Plus workflow
  • Differentiating between Story Plus and Story Free
  • Creating character and set lists
  • Viewing and editing scripts
  • Adding comments to scripts
  • Creating schedules
  • Exporting scripts
  • Attaching scripts to clips in Premiere Pro
  • Using speech analysis in Premiere Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi! I'm Jeff Sengstack and welcome to Up and Running with Adobe Story. Adobe Story is really three products in one. It's a script-writing product, a collaborative product, and a pre-production planning product. You can do it freeform or with templates. I'm going to tell you that templates make script writing a whole lot easier. Once your scripts are ready, then you can start doing your pre-production planning. You can make what are called breakdown reports, where you can say all the characters that are in a particular scene, for example, to help you plan. And then finally you can make a schedule where you can put all the scenes that belong together and make sure that they're going to be shot in the most efficient order.

Finally, there is a cool little feature inside Story that let's you take a script, and connect the text in that script to the spoken dialog in a video clip within Premiere Pro, such that you can jump to the words in the script and then jump to the words inside the dialog, inside the clip and edit that way. So, I'm going to discuss all those features this Up and Running with Story course. So, let's get started.

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