Up and Running with Square Register

with Jess Stratton
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Up and Running with Square Register
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If you run a small business or freelance, chances are good that you're looking into a portable payment processing system you can run with a tablet or smartphone. Enter Square Register, the leading mobile payment app for iOS and Android devices. And it's not just for businesses on the go. Many companies are using Square Register and an iPad as their primary point of sale system. In this short course, Jess Stratton shows you how to set up an account, use the Square Reader to process payments, set prices and discounts, and enter products and inventory.

Square Register

How Square Register works

- [Voiceover] My name is Jess Stratton and welcome to Up and Running with Square Register. Square Register is a point of sale service and app that allows you to focus on your small business, without having to worry about adding an expensive cash register and credit card machine to your store. You can create a product catalog, and then use that to tap your orders directly on the tablet. From there, you can even finish the transaction and swipe a credit card using a tiny card reader that connects to the headphone jack of the device itself. You can have your customers tap to choose a tip amount.

And you can even email them their receipt afterwards. You don't have to sign up with a separate merchant services account to start accepting credit cards. Square takes care of everything, including depositing the money directly into your bank account. But Square Register doesn't just work for tablets. You can also have a completely mobile office, and still be able to accept and swipe credit cards from your smartphone, wherever you are. To get started all you'll need is an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

You can use a desktop computer also. In this course, I'll take you through everything you need to get up and running with Square Register.

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