Soundbooth CS5 Essential Training

with Jeff Sengstack
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Soundbooth CS5 Essential Training
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In Soundbooth CS5 Essential Training, author Jeff Sengstack demonstrates how to record, edit, optimize, and enhance audio using the professional tools in Adobe Soundbooth CS5. This course covers basic audio edits, such as trimming, fading, and panning clips, removing unwanted noise, enhancing audio with special effects, and creating stereo blends from multiple tracks. An overview of recording hardware and a detailed explanation of core audio concepts are included as well. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Setting up recording hardware
  • Recording vocals and instruments
  • Viewing audio waveforms and spectral frequency displays
  • Copying, cutting and pasting audio
  • Stretching time and shifting pitch
  • Looping tracks
  • Identifying and removing noise
  • Enhancing audio with Soundbooth effects
  • Mixing audio in multitrack mode
  • Customizing prebuilt scores
  • Working with Soundbooth files in Premiere Pro projects
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Hi! I am Jeff Sengstack, the author of Soundbooth CS5 Essential Training. Soundbooth CS5 lets you record, edit, optimize and enhance audio. In the upcoming tutorials, I explain the entire Soundbooth workflow. I help you get a handle on analog and digital audio, show you how to set up the newest recording hardware, and take you through some basic audio edits like trimming, fading and panning clips. If your audio has clicks or other noises that you might hear on old vinyl records, for example, I show you how to remove those unwanted sounds.

If you want to give your audio some specialized qualities like reverb, a deep, booming bass or some strange distortions, I go over all the effects Soundbooth has to offer. I use the professionally recorded multitrack studio session to show you how to mix several instrumental and vocal tracks into a pleasing stereo blend. With Soundbooth CS5, you can now access more than 120 music scores. Soundbooth has more than 10,000 sound effects. I give you tips on how to track down what will work for your project, and then how to edit and mix them with your other audio clips.

Soundbooth gives you a lot of creative latitude and some easy-to-use controls. So, let's start making music together.

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Q: After making a recording using Soundbooth CS5, I’ve discovered the stereo channels are reversed- left is right and right is left. I can’t seem to figure out how to swap them in Soundbooth. How can I adjust channels?
Also, is there a more advanced audio software that might be better for working with recorded audio than Soundbooth CS5?
A: To swap channels in Soundbooth, right-click on the file in the
Files panel, choose Insert Channels Into New Multitrack File. That will
create a multitrack sessions with the two channels on separate mono
tracks. Pan them left and right to create the swapped channels and then
choose Export > Multitrack Mixdown.

A more advanced audio recording, editing and mixing product is Adobe
Audition. The current version 3 is for Windows only. Check out the Audition 3 Essential Training in the Online Training Library.
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