Soundbooth CS4 New Features

with Bruce Williams
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Soundbooth CS4 New Features
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In Soundbooth CS4 New Features, Bruce Williams discusses some of the changes and improvements made to this popular audio editing tool. He explores the new multitrack environment in detail, including how to extract and import audio tracks from a video file, and how to use Snapshots to safely and easily experiment with different editing techniques and compare the results. Bruce also works with the new beat detection and display features, and discusses their value for creating loops. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Matching volume in a set of audio files
  • Previewing the effect of different compression rates during MP3 export
  • Splitting a stereo file into its component left/right tracks
  • Changing the panning of a track or a clip
  • Using XMP metadata for better file management and Bridge integration
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(Music playing.) Hi, and welcome to Soundbooth CS4 New Feautures. My name is Bruce Williams. Being a professional audio engineer, I try to stay up to date with the latest audio tools available. And that's a good thing for you guys because there are some great new features in the new incarnation of Soundbooth that I want to introduce you to. I'll show you how to create snapshots so that you can restore previous versions of your work.

We'll get into non-destructive editing, automatic volume matching, how to preview the audio quality of your work with different MP3 compression rates and -this is the biggie- multitrack editing. Yeah! If you're brand-new to Soundbooth, you might want to check out the Soundbooth Essential Training or the Getting Started with Soundbooth titles to get you up to speed on the application. You'll get a look at the basic features in those titles, and then you can refine your craft when you come back to this one.

So, get ready for a whole new experience in audio as we get into Soundbooth CS4 New Features.

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