Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training

with Sven-Erik Seaholm
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Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training
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Soundbooth CS4 is a one-stop shop for audio editing and sweetening, and an invaluable element in the Creative Suite family. In Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training, producer and recording artist Sven-Erik Seaholm shows how to perform many basic audio editing tasks and apply professional-quality effects, which can subtly or dramatically transform audio tracks to meet the needs of a project. He also demonstrates beat detection, looping, multi-track functions such as panning and layering, the effective use of metadata, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding digital audio terms and concepts
  • Learning and customizing the workspace
  • Cleaning up hisses, rumbles, clicks, and pops
  • Working with distortion, equalizers, reverb, and other effects
  • Setting up markers and Flash cue points
  • Making high-quality recordings
Audio + Music

Introducing Adobe Soundbooth CS4

(light music) - [Voiceover] Hi, my name is Sven-Erik Seaholm and this is Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training. As a record producer and recording artist, I'm all about presenting the audio vision in the most effective way possible. With Soundbooth, Adobe gives you the tools to do it like a professional. If you're brand new to Soundbooth, this is the perfect course for you. If you've been working with the program for a while, you might wanna check out the Soundbooth New Features title to catch up on the latest upgrades to Soundbooth.

In this course you'll learn the program from the ground up, starting with the basics of digital audio to scoring video, to using audio effects and mastering your project. Along with the recording, editing and sweetening of your audio, Soundbooth is also a powerful tool for collecting data and cataloging your files. So whether you're recording hit songs or transcribing doctor's notes, Soundbooth will make your life easier. Now let's dive into Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training.

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