Soundbooth CS3 Essential Training

with Bruce Williams
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Soundbooth CS3 Essential Training
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Soundbooth CS3 Essential Training is an in-depth, hands-on training course for anyone interested in recording and editing professional audio. Instructor Bruce Williams takes viewers through every essential aspect of the application, from the basics of sound--such as frequency, wavelength, and amplitude--to the intricacies of special sound effects. He also covers how to best integrate Soundbooth with the rest of the Adobe CS3 suite of applications. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the basic Soundbooth CS3 workflow
  • Examining frequency, wavelength, amplitude, waveforms, and other sound attributes
  • Configuring audio hardware
  • Recording and editing audio
  • Figuring out the Spectral display
  • Working with delays, distortion, and other sound effects
  • Creating a score with AutoComposer
  • Integrating Soundbooth with other Adobe products
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