Walking around in SketchUp

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Walking around in SketchUp

Let's take a look at some additional navigation tools in SketchUp. I have the Townhouses file loaded. So let's just proceed and go through some of these additional tools. Go to the Camera menu and we went through Orbit, Pan and Zoom. Now there are some additional ones here. The first of one I want to look at is called Zoom window, and what this does is it allows you to draw a box and it will zoom in to the edges of that box. I am actually scrolling out using my middle mouse button here and we can do that again. We can do Zoom window. So let's say I want to take a look at this side door here. I could just drop box around it and it will zoom the camera to look at that box.

Now the other one is basically the opposite of this. It's called Zoom Extents. So when we do this, what it does, it takes everything in the scene and it zooms it so that everything fits in the window. Now the other tool I want to take a look at is Field Of View. And what this is, is essentially a perspective control. Anyone who is from an area with the cameras or photography knows that a wide-angle lens has a much different perspective than the telephoto lens. And essentially what this Field Of View tool does, is it allows you to change the camera angle. So you can go from a wide-angle lens or fisheye lens here to a very long telephoto lens. Now this can very handy when you get into rendering to making your scene look like it's the right perspective or if you are in a really tight room, you may need a wider angle lens to see all the details.

Now one thing with this tool is that you can actually type in a hard number. Now I have told you about this VCB, Value Control Box, and what we can do is we can actually type in a hard number for the Field Of View to force it to a very specific number. You don't even have to place a cursor there. All I have to do is just type in the numbers. So for example if I just type in the keyboard go 100 and hit the Enter key, and we have 100 degree Field Of View that is very wide angle. If I wanted to type in say 20, which is a very long lens, just type in 20, hit Enter and again the perspective changes. So you can have very precise control over this. I am going to type something like 45, which is about normal for this. So that's the Field Of View tool.

In addition of these, we have three tools down here, Position Camera, Walk and Look Around. What these are handy for is looking at the scene as a person would look at the scene. Now Position Camera basically positions the camera wherever you want in the scene. If you want to, you can just select that and this little man icon shows up, and you can basically just put him wherever you want, or if I wanted to put him on the sidewalk, I just click here and it puts my camera on the sidewalk. Now if you noticed down here at the bottom right, we also have eye height. Now once I have placed the camera, I notice how the cursor changes to look around. What Look Around does is it allows us to look around as though you are standing on the sidewalk and you are looking wherever you need to look.

Now we have one control for this, which is the height of the eyes. If I wanted to I could type in say 6'0, and I can look at it from a taller perspective or I could type 12' and look at it from 12 feet in the air. Eye height really just shows where the camera is located above the ground plane. Now when you are in this mode, you can still change your Field Of View. So if wanted say a wider angle of view, you could still do that and you can still look around.

Now the other tool, which is kind of the complement of Look Around, is called Walk, and what this does is allow us to move the camera interactively. So if I move the mouse up, it moves us forward. If I move the mouse down, it moves us back, left and right, just kind of pan. So you can essentially just navigate through this. So you can basically go up to the front door, you can back up and so on. So those are some of the additional navigational tools in Google SketchUp.

Walking around in SketchUp
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Walking around in SketchUp provides you with in-depth training on CAD. Taught by George Maestri as part of the SketchUp 6 Essential Training

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