Using metadata in the Component Options window

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Using metadata in the Component Options window

Another use of dynamic components is to give customers the ability to choose between styles, colors and sizes. So for example, I have a living room here and I have, for example, this couch and a chair and in fact, let's go into our Components window and we can actually just pull in another component. So for example, I have a coffee table here and you could even put that on the Google 3D Warehouse and allow your customers to download your custom coffee table and try it out in their house and see if it works.

Now a lot of people will use the Component Options window to actually help you with those as well. So for example, I've this table and the table can come in several different colors. So for example, it comes in Bamboo. You could have it at the lighter color and we also have different sizes such as Large, Small and Medium. So for example, a medium-sized table or a large-sized table. You'll notice how it actually had preset sizes rather than the ability to allow us to scale it up and down.

This makes it much better for people such as manufacturers to give you specific sizes. Now also you can have it actually calculate price. So if I have a small table you'll notice it's less expensive than the large one. We have the same thing with the couch. We've a Large, Small and Medium couch. So if I go up to the medium-sized couch, you'll notice how the price goes down. We also have different colors and we can apply those. So for example, if you have specific color options, you can apply those as well.

We can also use dynamic components on things such as this carpet. So if I go into the Component Options for the carpet, you'll notice that we can change the color from one color to another. And also if I use the Scale tool to actually stretch and scale this carpet, notice how the area of the carpet and the price are recalculating. So it actually can tell you the cost of the carpet based on the square footage and based upon just about how big you size your carpet.

So you can see there's a lot of different ways to use dynamic components. Now let me show you another little feature. Now this is only in SketchUp Pro, but it allows the ability to create reports based upon some of these parameters in your dynamic components. So now that we've all this pricing data, we can actually put it to good use. We can actually in SketchUp Pro have an option here called Generate Report and what this does is it actually takes all of this data in our scene and it actually spits it out to a file.

So we can actually have it saved to all model attributes or just the current selection. So for example, if I just had the couch and the carpet selected, it would just do that. But let's go ahead and do this for all model attributes, and then we can generate what's called either an HTML file, which is basically a webpage or a CSV file, which is called a Comma Separated Values file and that's used for things such as spreadsheets such as Excel and Numbers. So I'm going to go ahead and generate a CSV file and just hit Save. Then it says, Would you like to open it? I say Yes, and so what it does is it pulls it up in Microsoft Excel.

Now all that data that I generated is in here. Now a lot of this is kind of data that you may or may not want to use. But some of it such as pricing is there. So let's go ahead and put a little thing in here. So I've got the price of the sofa, the price of the carpet, the chair and the table. So the total cost of my living room is $1542. So you can use this, for example, if you're creating a house and you have standard sized windows and you know the pricing of the windows, you could actually get a list of materials and cost for all the windows that you put in your house.

You can see how this can be very, very useful from a design sense. So not only can SketchUp help you calculate the price of individual objects, it can also help you calculate the price of everything that you're using in a scene.

Using metadata in the Component Options window
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Using metadata in the Component Options window provides you with in-depth training on CAD. Taught by George Maestri as part of the SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques (2010)

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