How to Use SketchUp 8's 3D Warehouse

show more Using the 3D Warehouse provides you with in-depth training on CAD. Taught by George Maestri as part of the SketchUp 8 Essential Training show less
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Using the 3D Warehouse

Another way to bring assets into SketchUp is to use Google's 3D Warehouse and let me show you how that works. It's actually accessed through a browser. So I'm going to go ahead and minimize SketchUp and bring up my browser. I already have it set to When you bring this up, it'll actually bring up a browsing window where you can actually look at all the different models that everybody else has uploaded. So they have building collections.

We can to step through all of these. You can actually go into this and see different types of buildings that people have built. We can go through Featured Collections, Skate Parks, other types of collections, Popular models. So really any type of model you want, you can basically just scroll through those, and also just Recent models that people have uploaded. So if you want to get a little more specific with that, you can actually do a text search.

So, for example, let's say I wanted the Empire State building. So all I have to do is type in empire state, hit Enter and it'll bring up several different Empire State buildings. So a number of people have actually modeled this and it's bringing up all the different Empire State buildings that it has. I'm going to select the one from the Google 3D Warehouse, this is the one that Google provides and so if you click on this and this is true for any model. You can take a look at the model, find a map if it's a building where it is and actually a street view of the building itself.

You can also have a little bit of description of you know, why this building is so important, or If it's an object such as a chair or something, a little bit about that as well. Now once you have decided what model you want, you can download that directly into SketchUp. So I'm going to hit Download model, and then It gives us a couple of different versions of this, I'm going to select the highest version of SketchUp which is SketchUp 6 and just download that. So my browser is going to ask me do I want to open this for SketchUp and I'll say of course.

So what it's going to do is it's going to start a new instance of SketchUp, so I'm going to start using SketchUp, and then It should bring up the building in a brand-new version of SketchUp. When I bring it up, it's gives me a little bit of warning, it says, you know this was created in version 6, you're in SketchUp 8 and we can say OK, we can also click don't show this message again, but now here's my Empire State building. So, I can zoom in and there it is, very cool, so if I want, it's got some nice textures, it is to scale, and there it is.

Now you can do this for anything. It doesn't have to be entire building, it can be components, it can be parts, furniture, really almost anything that's in the 3D Warehouse, you can bring into SketchUp and use. You can also upload your own models as well. So there is sharing between SketchUp users as well. So I want you to go ahead and browse the 3D Warehouse and just download a few models just to see how it works and you'll find it's very handy and there is tons and tons of great assets out there.

Using the 3D Warehouse
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Using the 3D Warehouse provides you with in-depth training on CAD. Taught by George Maestri as part of the SketchUp 8 Essential Training

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