Tips for Mac users

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Tips for Mac users

For those of you on the Macintosh you will notice some differences between the Mac and the Windows version of SketchUp. So let me give you a brief overview of some of the most important differences here. First of all, you will notice the menus along the top are a little bit different. We will have a Standard Apple SketchUp menu, which is the Standard Apple device here and this is where your Preferences are and then you will also have some Standard Apple Operating System stuff here like Quit and Hide. Now another difference is under the View menu, we will have Tool palettes here as an option and this is where we can load our large tool set which is where we will be doing a lot of our work. In addition, there are some options here along the main toolbar, some icons that are available and we can certainly put those there by using Customized toolbar. If we load that up you will see we have got all of the options that we can just click and drag whatever we want up to this large toolbar. Now I am on a small screen so my toolbar along the top here is very full. If you are on a larger resolution screen such as 1280 or 1600 or even larger, you will have a lot more room.

Now in order to fit some of these icons on here, I may need to type this up by clicking this button along the bottom here it says Use Small Size and that just makes the icons a little bit smaller and then I can just drag whatever I want up there. If you have enough room, go ahead and put up Standard Views, Face Styles, Shadows, and Slideshow so that way it will be available later in the title. So I am going to go ahead and click Done here. Now another difference is that some of the shortcut keys are different on the Mac, so for example if I go here to Tools, you will notice that Move is Command+0 on the Macintosh and on Windows I use the M key. Now the M key actually does work and all of the keys that I call out do work on the Macintosh. If you want to you can use these keys instead but you can certainly use the keys that I call out in the lessons, so both of them will work. Now another difference related to the keyboard is that the Option key replaces the Ctrl key on the Macintosh. So typically when we copy stuff or Shift and drag, sometimes we will hold down the Ctrl key to give different effects. On the Macintosh the Option key is the one that you are going to be pressing. So just be aware of that.

Tips for Mac users
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Tips for Mac users provides you with in-depth training on CAD. Taught by George Maestri as part of the SketchUp 6 Essential Training

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