SketchUp Rendering Using Twilight

with Brian Bradley
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SketchUp Rendering Using Twilight
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Twilight is a very popular and inexpensive third-party renderer for SketchUp. This course shows how to create highly realistic 3D architectural drawings (including interior/exterior elements) with the lights, materials, camera, and render options in Twilight. Author Brian Bradley explains the importance of reflectance in materials, and shows how to manage and save rendering presets, how to correct for perspective, tone, and exposure in the camera, and how to create a variety of material types. The final chapter covers rendering your complete arch-viz scene for a couple types of output, including animation and composites.

Topics include:
  • Installing Twilight
  • Adding the Physical Sun and Sky
  • Employing Point, Spot, and Projector light types
  • Using light emitting materials
  • Managing the Quality Presets
  • Positioning your scene view
  • Working with the camera's Focal Length setting
  • Creating diffuse, reflective, and refractive surfaces
  • Rendering out an alpha mask
  • Setting up a depth render
SketchUp Twilight Render


- Hello, my name is Brian Bradley, and welcome to SketchUp Rendering Using Twilight. We will start things off by running through an installation of the Twilight plug-in, and then just taking a bit of time to locate Twilight's tools and controls inside of the SketchUp user interface. We will then take a look at using Twilight's versatile lighting tools to add illumination to our scenes. This will include looking at the physical sun and sky system, as well as some specific Twilight light types that can be used to mimic artificial light sources.

We will naturally want to work closer with Twilight's material system. Starting with diffuse colored surfaces before moving on to the more complex reflective and refractive material types. We will make an examination of Twilight's photographic camera controls, as well as a consideration of just how we can use Twilight's render presets in a compositing oriented render pipeline. If you're ready to build your SketchUp rendering skills, let's go ahead and jump right in.

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