SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques (2010)

with George Maestri
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SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques (2010)
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SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques shows professional users of Trimble's popular 3D modeling software how to create compelling 3D graphics. Author George Maestri focuses on the features available in Pro that make SketchUp a valuable design tool. He demonstrates the new Dynamic Components and shows how using them can add interactivity to a model. He teaches how to create custom Dynamic Components from models, which is a feature unique to Pro. He also explores SketchUp Pro's companion application, LayOut, a presentation tool that retains the editability of models even when they're embedded in documents. Last but not least, George shows how to export and import objects to and from other programs, such as AutoCAD and 3ds Max. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Making custom Dynamic Components
  • Drawing with Layout
  • Editing textures outside of SketchUp
  • Creating and managing styles with the Style Builder
  • Exporting objects for rendering
  • Creating scrapbooks and presentations
  • Exporting model attributes to reports


(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm George Maestri, and welcome to Google SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques. SketchUp Pro is the upgrade to SketchUp that allow you to go a lot further in the world of SketchUp. The first thing we're gonna look at is dynamic components. Not only how to use them, but also how to create your own dynamic components from your own models. After that, we're gonna look at a separate application called LayOut, which comes with SketchUp Pro, and this is a presentation tool that allows you to take SketchUp models and bring them into a document, and keep them live.

So, you can actually manipulate the models within the document. After that, we're gonna look at Style Builder, which allows you to create your own custom looks. Then we're gonna look at the import and export features of SketchUp Pro and how to take models in SketchUp and bring them into other packages to do things such as rendering. So, I hope you enjoy this course and let's get started.

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