SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques

with George Maestri
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SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques
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SketchUp Pro may offer "3D for everyone," but that doesn't mean it's light on professional tools. Learn how to create more compelling 3D graphics using the advanced features in SketchUp Pro. Author George Maestri introduces solid modeling with the Boolean operations and Trim and Split, adding and manipulating cameras, and creating terrains from contours and from scratch. Then he dives into the new Dynamic Components, SketchUp's most powerful feature, which can add motion and interactivity to a model. Last, he explores two companion apps (LayOut, for creating documents featuring SketchUp models, and Style Builder, for creating custom styles) and reviews the plugins available through the Extension Warehouse.

Topics include:
  • Solid modeling
  • Creating advanced cameras
  • Changing camera properties
  • Working with terrains
  • Working with custom attributes of Dynamic Components
  • Creating dynamic materials
  • Adding interactivity like motion and rotation
  • Creating documents with LayOut
  • Installing plugins


- Hi, I'm George Maestri, and welcome to SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques. In this class, we're gonna go over some advanced tools that are available to SketchUp Pro users, as well as a few tools available to all SketchUp users. We're gonna start off with some SketchUp Pro features, such as solid modeling, and we're going to take a look at Boolean operations, as well as trim and split. We're gonna take a look at SketchUp Pro's advanced camera tools, and we're going to create some advanced cameras, manipulate them, as well as change camera properties.

Then, we're gonna take a look at how to create terrains with contours, as well as creating terrains from scratch. And then we're gonna go ahead and fit a building to a terrain. Then, we're gonna go into some SketchUp Pro features. We're gonna create dynamic components, which is probably one of the most powerful features of SketchUp Pro. We're gonna create some custom attributes, and then we're also gonna create a dynamic picket fence. Next, we're gonna look at the SketchUp Pro application called LayOut, and this allows you to lay out and create documents using SketchUp models.

Then we're gonna take a look at Style Builder, which allows you to create your own styles. And finally, we're gonna wrap it up by taking a quick look at SketchUp's Extension Warehouse. So, I hope you enjoy this course, and let's go ahead and get started.

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