Interface overview

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Interface overview

In this video we're going to take a look at the interface for SketchBook Pro. So, if your interface right now looks any different to mine, what I'd like you to do is go up to windows, and let's go to default layout. Now at the very top, we can see that we are using SketchBook Pro, it's an untitled document, and it's at 100% scale. Now it's untitled because I haven't created and saved this document and if I press the spacebar and I just go left and right, right in the middle of that puck, you'll notice that the scale value changes. At the very top we have a title bar with standard Windows options for file.

For Edit, Image, Windows and Help. Let's focus on Windows for a second here. You'll notice that we have a check mark against Toolbar, Lagoon, Color Puck, Brush Puck and Brush Palette. If I uncheck those one by one, you'll notice it completely clears our canvas, until there's no download boxes at all. So if you ever lose a download box, you can always go back to Windows, Default Layout or Windows and then just check it from here. At the very top, we also have something called the Toolbar.

Now this toolbar contains new functions in 2015 and it's going to be an essential part of our workflow. You can move it to any location you want, but typically I can leave it at the very top. We also have two pucks here, one is called a brush puck and one is called a color puck. The color puck, if I just tap one time, allows you to select your hue value from here and also your saturation and luminance values from the middle. We also have something called a brush puck and the brush puck allows you to change the diameter of the brush.

Like so. Again, we're going to be covering these in more detail, later on. On the left-hand side here, we have a brush palette. We can move the brush palette to any location that we want to. Typically, I leave it on the left-hand side like so. If we pick one of these brushes, just hold the styles down and slide up and down, it reveals more brushes. Or we can just expand that dialup box like so. Now Sketchbook Pro has a whole library of brushes that we can use and customize and if we just tap on this portion here, it opens up that library and with a slider you can see we have basic, copic, synthetic, traditional, textures, shape, and splatter.

So if we pick one of these for example and then we can go into the properties using this icon. We can completely customize this brush, save it for our particular workflow. So let's cancel that and close the library now. In the bottom left hand corner here, we have something called the lagoon, and the lagoon contains a lot of commands that you can already see in different dialog boxes and it's just another way of accessing commands in Sketchbook Pro. Now there are three other dialup boxes I tend to use that are not shown using the default layout.

So, I'm going to go back to default layout and those three are the Layer Editor, the Color Editor and also the Copic library. So lets just move these over to the middle of the canvas like this. Now the layer editor is an essential part of sketchbook pro. To utilize the full functionality and power of sketchbook pro you really have to know how to use layers and again we're going to be covering that in detail later on in the course. The color editor is just another way of accessing colors. It does exactly the same function as the color puck.

It's just a different interface and is purely a case of preference to which one you want to use or you may well use a combination of both. And finally the Copic Library is a library of Copic markers, and again, we're going to be looking at this in much more detail later on. And those three that we just discussed now, we can actually access them from here as well. So if I go into my layers, I can switch to on and off from here, color editor, and also the Copic library. Or you can go back to your default layout.

Interface overview
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Interface overview provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Veejay Gahir as part of the SketchBook Pro 7 Essential Training

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