Exploring the toolkit samples

show more Exploring the toolkit samples provides you with in-depth training on Developer. Taught by Walt Ritscher as part of the Silverlight 5 Essential Training show less
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Exploring the toolkit samples

I'd like to show you some of the cool samples included in the Silverlight Toolkit. To use the Toolkit on your own computer, you need to install it first. Be sure and watch the Installing Silverlight Toolkit movie to see how to get it, and the samples ready for your own projects. I thought I would start by showing you the Controls Demonstration as part of the Silverlight Toolkit. I am on the Silverlight CodePlex website, and they have a live link on this page, down here where it says Silverlight 5 samples. If I click on this, it will load the Silverlight Toolkit examples.

The Silverlight Toolkit contains some essential controls like the TabControl and the TreeView control. It also contains some panels like the DockPanel and WrapPanel. For some more interesting kinds of controls, you can scroll down and look at the bottom of this section, down here, and the tool that I would like to look at today is the GlobalCalendar and the Busy Indicator. The GlobalCalendar is a culturally-aware calendar. Right now, you can see it's using the Arabic calendar, and if I click on this combo box, I can then go choose a different language.

Today, I think I feel like Japanese. The other control I want to look at is the Busy Indicator. You can show this control when you want to have a wait cursor on the screen. When you have a long running task, you show the busy indicator. I will show this in another movie later in the course. For more dramatic examples, let's look at the XNA 3D content. I am going to click on this Particles link. I am running a local copy of this particle demonstration which you can find in the Samples folder. You see it's very impressive, getting some beautiful particle effects here.

When I left-click, it changes from explosions to smoke. I love this effect. The second one is the GeneratedGeometry. Now, here we're looking through a 3D-view of a generated landscape. This shows you some of the powerful things you can do with XNA and 3D in Silverlight. On your computer, these may not run out-of-the-box. That's because, due to security concerns, Microsoft disables any 3D content. To enable it, you need to launch the Silverlight Control Panel. To do that on my computer, I am going to bring up my Start menu, I will search for the words Silverlight, I will click on the Microsoft Silverlight link.

And then to enable 3D, you go to the Permissions section, choose the application that's running that's currently blocked and then click on the Allow button and then click OK. You can see more of the controls in the Control chapter, and more of the 3D samples in other movies.

Exploring the toolkit samples
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Exploring the toolkit samples provides you with in-depth training on Developer. Taught by Walt Ritscher as part of the Silverlight 5 Essential Training

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