Silverlight 4 New Features

with Walt Ritscher
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Silverlight 4 New Features
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Microsoft Silverlight and its associated development tools, Expression Blend and Visual Studio, are used to reproduce the look and feel of a desktop application in a browser-deployed, cross-platform framework. In Silverlight 4 New Features, author Walt Ritscher highlights the new features delivered with Silverlight 4 and Expression Blend 4, with bonus coverage of out-of-browser application deployment. This course covers the most exciting additions and enhancements to this rich Internet application (RIA) development framework, including new customizable form controls, rich text and media support, drag-and-drop data binding, and more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Recommended prerequisite: Silverlight 3 Essential Training.

Topics include:
  • Alerting users with the Notifications window
  • Creating elevated trust applications
  • Signing with XAP
  • Simplifying binding with the property marker
  • Analyzing data with PivotViewer
  • Localizing content
  • Working with design-time data in Expression Blend
  • Adding interactivity with Behaviors
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- Hi, I'm Walt Ritscher and I wanna welcome you to my Silverlight 4, new features training series. It's hard to believe but Microsoft has produced four versions of Silverlight in less than three years. Each version has been a huge improvement over the previous release. I can't wait to show you the cool new additions to Silverlight 4. In this course, I'll start with an overview of the new out-of-browser features and show you how building an elevated trust application permits you to interact with local resources. I'll cover the new web cam and mic support and show you the new transition and animation features.

There are new ways to work with data, so we'll take a look at the new improved data controls. Along the way, we'll explore Bing Maps, analyze data with PivotView and plenty more. This course is targeted at developers and I assume that you are already familiar with version 3. If you are new to Silverlight development, you may want to watch my Silverlight 3 Essential Training, here on first. I'm really impressed with the new features in version 4. Now, let's see what Silverlight has in store for you.

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