Video Production Techniques: Location Lighting

with Anthony Q. Artis
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Video Production Techniques: Location Lighting
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Good lighting can transform any scene, regardless of your camera and location. Of any production expense, it's where you get the most value. Develop the skills you need to light any shooting situation in this course with audio and video professional Anthony Q. Artis. Anthony introduces you to a few extra pieces of gear that will make your job easier and then shows how to light indoor and outdoor spaces, supplement daylight, and work with what you've got, whether it's dimmer switches or lampshades.

Topics include:
  • Acquiring gear, from stands to mounts
  • Lighting walls and backdrops
  • Faking sunlight
  • Lighting props
  • Adjusting lighting in rooms with windows
  • Supplementing daylight
  • Staging a plain location


- Hi, I'm Anthony Artis. Welcome to Video Production Techniques: Location lighting. Whether you're shooting with a red camera or an iPhone, good lighting is hands down the most production value bang for your buck that you can get. So in this course we're gonna be covering basic lighting gear as well as lighting backgrounds and props and techniques for working with daylight and many other lighting topics. So whether you're shooting in a barren ugly conference room or outdoors at a beautiful location like the one I'm in right now, I'm gonna give you some tools and techniques to help you get more production value through better lighting.

So sit back and enjoy Video Production Techniques: Location Lighting.

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