Pro Video Tips

with Anthony Q. Artis
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Pro Video Tips
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Pro Video Tips is designed for busy videographers like you. This course brings you tips on everything from controlling reflections to hiding mics. Host Anthony Q. Artis covers shooting techniques for particular video challenges like portraits, tools to help you control light and judge exposure, and advice for the traveling videographer, such as putting together a great lens kit or packing a truck.


Intro to Pro Video Tips

- What I love most about filmmaking is that no matter what you're shooting or how long you've been doing it, it's a constant challenge to not only master the craft, but to also learn which techniques work best and under what circumstances. Beyond that, the tools and technology are constantly evolving to solve, and also create, new filmmaking challenges. And it's not always easy to learn or understand all the things you need to know. It's my hope that this new video series from is going to help you through many of the challenges of filmmaking.

I'm Anthony Artis, author of the Shut Up and Shoot series of film books, and film instructor at NYU, and I want to welcome you to Pro Video Tips. This is a weekly series where we'll be giving you practical tips to improve your shooting, along with instruction on specific filmmaking genres, including narrative and corporate films and others. And we'll also be reviewing some core filmmaking concepts and practices, like how to light a set with one light, when and how to use a polarizer, and the right way to pack a grip truck. Beyond the technical though, I want to take a holistic approach to filmmaking, and share my own candid, real world advice on important practical matters like budgeting, managing your crew, and keeping your sets safe.

Because any pro filmmaker would tell you, there are many things beyond just the cameras and equipment that you will ultimately need to understand to become a successful filmmaker. And there are only two ways to learn them: the hard way, by making painful mistakes, or the easy way, by tapping into the knowledge of the pros who've already been there and shot that. Each week is a self-contained topic. The topics are all designed to supplement your film education, whether you're in school, self-teaching, or just curious about how things are done. The ultimate goal is to help you become a more effective filmmaker with a deeper tool belt of tricks, understanding, and practical filmmaking knowledge.

So please share this series with your filmmaking friends, fellow instructors or colleagues, and break out your notepad and a pen to start learning some new pro video tips.

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