Foundations of Video: Cameras and Shooting

with Anthony Q. Artis
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Foundations of Video: Cameras and Shooting
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Embark on the very first steps in the process of creating moving images. In this course, author Anthony Q. Artis, a veteran of the film and television industry, introduces the core ideas behind how video cameras capture moving images. The course covers foundational concepts of lighting, such as why light is important, what kinds of lights to look for, and where to put lights relative to a subject. In addition, Anthony discusses sound, an often-misunderstood aspect of video, and shows how to properly set up mics and adjust audio levels on a shoot.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the different types of video cameras
  • Understanding how to focus
  • Shooting with shallow depth of field
  • Understanding exposure
  • Using ND filters to correct overexposure
  • Using gain to brighten an underexposed shot
  • Choosing the right shutter speed
  • White-balancing a shot
  • Working with a tripod
  • Shooting handheld
  • Using a boom microphone
  • Setting up a 4-point lighting scene
  • Using corrective gels


(electronic music) - Filmmaking is my passion because it is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I think that anybody can try. I've been doing this for 20 years now and it never ceases to test the limits of everything I've learned, it's a really special art form that combines a dozen different crafts and disciplines all into one. It involves aspects of photography, audio recording, acting, fine arts, music, business, technology, psychology and more.

And that just means that it really requires some good instruction, study and practice. I'm telling you, anybody can do this if they put their mind and heart to it. This course is Fundamentals of Video: Cameras and Shooting. This will be your no-nonsense boot camp to get you started shooting your own videos with more consistent and professional results. Now in this course we're gonna talk about a lot of things. We're gonna talk about lighting techniques to really help your production shine.

And we're gonna talk all about video cameras and how to make them do what they do which is tell your story with pictures. And of course, we're gonna talk about action. And by action, I mean how to tell your story with movement. And of course, I'm gonna talk all about audio and how to make your projects actually sound as good as they look, the whole idea of this course is to give you a solid foundation in the basics of video film making. Whether you are shooting a short personal film, your first documentary or just a promotional video for your company or your church.

Some of the specific things this course will cover are an overview of the many types of video cameras available and what to look for when purchasing or renting a camera. We're also gonna take a closeup look of the anatomy of a typical high-definition camera and explain what all those buttons and switches and settings are. More importantly than that, we are going to break down the basic concepts that those settings control and talk about how each can be applied to your video storytelling, we'll be clearly illustrating many camera features and concepts you may have heard but perhaps not fully understood.

Such as shutter speed, which controls how motion is portrayed on video and action shots. And shallow depth of field, which is a focus technique that can really make your work look and feel much more professional and cinematic. This course will also show you how to properly use video equipment for best result. From cameras to lights and booms, we're gonna break down the proper way set them up and use them, I am the author of The Shut Up and Shoot Filmmaking Guides and have been teaching filmmaking at NYU Film School for the last 10 years and I am excited to share this new fundamentals course with you.

So take notes, listen and learn as we get ready to dive into The Fundamentals of Video: Cameras and Shooting.

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