Managing Documents with SharePoint 2010

with Mark Abdelnour
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Managing Documents with SharePoint 2010
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Discover how to manage your documents more efficiently with SharePoint 2010. In this course, author and SharePoint consultant Mark Abdelnour provides a quick introduction to the SharePoint interface and then moves into uploading and editing files, creating views, using collaboration tools, and working with tools like calendars and task lists in the SharePoint document workspaces.

An ideal primer for those new to SharePoint, this course demonstrates how to use the platform to accomplish your daily tasks.

Topics include:
  • Uploading files
  • Organizing your document library
  • Editing documents
  • Tracking document changes and version history
  • Emailing links to documents
  • Setting alerts
  • Working in the Explorer and Datasheet views
  • Exploring navigation hierarchies and key filters
  • Creating personal views
  • Getting the most out of document workspaces
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- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Mark Abdelnour, and welcome to Managing Documents with SharePoint 2010. This course is focused on the end user in an organization, who is new to SharePoint, and whose job involves document management. I'll begin by discussing what is SharePoint, and how to access it, and how to navigate within the site. Next, we'll look at the different ways of uploading files to document libraries, specifically, single versus multiple file uploads. Then we'll look at document management and collaboration tools, and we'll also look at e-mailing links to documents, setting alerts, and taking advantage of file version history.

We'll examine views, also known as custom visual representations of your SharePoint data. Finally, we'll look at document workspaces, where colleagues can work together on a document and utilize several workspace elements to help them work more collaboratively. Get ready to dive into Managing Documents with SharePoint 2010.

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