SharePoint 2010 New Features

with Simon Allardice
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SharePoint 2010 New Features
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In SharePoint 2010 New Features, Simon Allardice highlights the new tools and user interface enhancements Microsoft includes in the 2010 version of SharePoint Server. This course covers document collaboration and the social computing features in SharePoint, editing pages, creating themes, and integration with Office 2010. Improvements to the user interface, as well as updated permission controls, are also demonstrated.

Topics include:
  • Navigating with the Ribbon in SharePoint 2010
  • Using the expanded search functionality
  • Creating document sets
  • Co-authoring documents
  • Leveraging rich media support and themes
  • Setting site permissions
  • Integrating with Access and Visio Services
  • Using SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Workspace
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- Hi I'm Simon Allardice and welcome to SharePoint 2010 New Features. I'll take you through the substantial changes and the additions Microsoft have made in this, the latest version of SharePoint server. As this course is all about the new features I do expect you're already comfortable with SharePoint, that you know how to work with SharePoint sites, lists and document libraries, that you're familiar with SharePoint workflow and how SharePoint works with Office. We're going to take those existing SharePoint skills and quickly ramp them up with working with the new user interface and the new functionality.

We'll focus, first, on the day-to-day tasks in SharePoint, the things you need to get going right now. I'll then take you on a tour of the new sites, the new tools, and the features only found in SharePoint 2010. As you know, SharePoint is more of a platform than a program, so as we go through this, your experience will almost certainly look a little different from mine, based on your license agreement, the permissions you have in your organization, and what features your system administrator may have enabled or disabled. But the core of what we're going to explore should be very, very similar.

So let's get started with SharePoint 2010 New Features.

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