SharePoint Designer 2010: Branding SharePoint Sites

with Simon Allardice
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SharePoint Designer 2010: Branding SharePoint Sites
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Learn how to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to alter the default appearance of SharePoint web sites. Author Simon Allardice covers simple tasks from creating themes and making basic CSS changes, to fully restyling a site with master pages and page layout templates. He also shows how to aid usability and adoption by providing improved navigation and individual page layouts for site-specific content.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the different kinds of SharePoint site customization
  • Creating new sites and pages
  • Customizing Wiki and web part pages
  • Understanding necessary permissions
  • Using the built-in themes
  • Using SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Using normal and advanced editing modes
  • Creating inline and embedded CSS styles
  • Working with master pages
  • Customizing SharePoint sites using the Publishing feature
  • Creating new pages based on page layouts
  • Growing portal sites
  • Creating custom themes
  • Customizing site navigation
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- [Voiceover] Hi, this is Simon Allerdice and welcome to SharePoint Designer 2010, branding SharePoint sites. SharePoint is a powerful platform for making websites both for internal use and for public facing websites. But all of these SharePoint sites begin by using standard templates. And while they're very functional, they can look dull unless we choose otherwise, and we choose to customize them. So in this course, you'll see how to take your current web design skills and change the look and feel of SharePoint 2010 websites. From basic methods like changing and creating themes to rearranging the layout of pages, working with navigation, applying simple CSS changes, all the way to full custom designs, using what are called master pages and page layouts.

But here's the thing, customizing SharePoint is not just conventional web design. And it's very easy to get frustrated if you don't know your way around SharePoint. So we'll also explore what you really need to know about SharePoint from a web design perspective. Welcome to SharePoint Designer 2010, branding SharePoint sites.

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