SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training

with Bill Weinman
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SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training
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In SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training, Bill Weinman addresses all of SQLite’s major features in the context of the PHP environment. This course covers the fundamentals of SQLite, including a thorough overview of its unique data type system, expressions, functions, transactions, views, and event triggers. A functional CRUD application and web site testimonial engine are demonstrated, and a quick-start guide is included to get experienced developers up and running fast. Exercise files are included in the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating a database
  • Setting permissions for a database
  • Storing data with SQLite data types
  • Using SQL statements like SELECT and UPDATE
  • Understanding expressions in SQLite
  • Matching patterns and values
  • Working with core functions
  • Counting, finding, and grouping with aggregates
  • Formatting dates and times
  • Sorting and indexing
  • Reusing queries with subselects and views
  • Automating queries with triggers
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- Hi, I'm Bill Weinman, and welcome to SQLite 3 with PHP essential training. In this course we'll explore the world of SQLite 3, a full featured relational database engine entirely self contained in a driver. SQLite has really changed the way people think of a database engine. It's a small, fast, reliable, ACID compliant, fully transactional database engine that can run a busy website or fit in a phone. I'll explain the major features of SQLite and it's usage in a PHP environment, focusing on real world examples to aid you in implementing this amazing little database engine in your applications.

I'll show you the details of its SQL usage, core and aggregate functions, its unique manifest typing scheme, and even how to create user defined functions in PHP. I'll demonstrate how to use subselects, views and triggers, to improve performance, compliance, and security, in your database applications. This course is a great introduction to SQLite 3 but some programming and database experience will really help you get the most out of these technologies. I've been a programmer for more than 30 years and I have rarely been this excited about a database engine.

So, let's get under the hood with SQLite 3 with PHP essential training.

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