Installing SQL Server 2012

with Gerry O'Brien
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Installing SQL Server 2012
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Learn how to install, secure, and maintain SQL Server 2012. This course is designed to teach new database administrators how to choose the correct SQL Server edition, install it using the GUI or from the command prompt, configure services and network connections, and create and connect to databases. Author Gerry O'Brien also reviews critical backup and restore procedures.

Topics include:
  • Choosing the right SQL Server edition for your organization
  • Installing SQL Server
  • Testing the installation and connectivity
  • Configuring SQL Server services
  • Connecting to the network
  • Creating and connecting to databases
  • Backing up and restoring a database
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SQL Server


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Gerry O'Brien and welcome to Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2012. In this course, we'll take a look at what is required to install SQL Server 2012 and apply some configuration. First we'll start by helping you plan your SQL installation and installing the program on your system. Once we have SQL Server installed, we'll then move on to taking a look at configuring and applying some settings to the SQL Server database engine and the services that support it. Once the configuration is completed, I'll then show you how to create user databases on your system and how to apply basic security settings to enable security on those databases.

Next we'll take a look at how to backup and restore those databases on your system to ensure that you can recover your data in the event of a disaster. Okay, so now let's get started with Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

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